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Can't Lego this feelin...

" I like small blocks and I cannot lie..."

Sir Brix-a-lot

Now that that joke is out of the way... for the recent birthday, the missus gifted me a Lego Darth Maul figure set. I was jumping for joy like any other ecstatic toddler who's just received a new toy. The figure set was opened up and promptly put together the very same day.

I cannot explain the joy that overcomes me when I'm presented with or when I buy an action figure. That joy is multiplied ten fold when it comes to Lego. There's something about interlocking many tiny bricks to form wonderful models of pirate ships, space crafts, entire cities, the Empire State building, scenes from favourite movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter or anything else one could imagine. I've owned numerous Lego sets over the years, but the joy of putting a set together has not faded one bit.

Research chalks this up to things like 'developing mindfullness' or 'an escape from the pressures of an over-worked mind in today's workplace'. (NOTE : I will b**ch-slap the marketing folks at Lego if they turn this into yet-another "COVID New-Normal Build-from-home" marketing campaign. Well, I can't actually do that... I will put out a strongly worded tweet). All I know is that I'm a certified AFOL, Adult Fan of Lego (Yes! That's a term and there's an entire global community that's very active). We've even got the likes of celebrities like David Beckham who is up till the wee hours building Disney Castles, Hogwarts and more.

Screenshot from @davidbeckham

As a child, I always thought I'd buy new Lego sets every month as a an earning adult. But Lego has had other ideas. Sets like the $800 Millenium Falcon are the kind of models that can give any Lego (and Star Wars) enthusiast wet-dreams... and remain out of reach for the average working bloke like me. But it's nice to have a moving target. Here's the link in case you have a few hundred dollars lying around and feel rather generous. There's also a significantly less expensive Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie that I'm willing to settle for.

Image from Lego.com

My Lego collection used to have a mini-pirate ship, the snow speeder from the Battle of Hoth, speeder bike from the Battle of Endor, a robot for space exploration, a formula-one race car, a dune buggy, a windmill, an assorted set of blocks and more. Please note the use of the words "used to". There was a traumatic adult event of 2019 that I will elaborate on another day, where my entire Lego collection and I were parted... forever! However, thanks to the missus, the collection has begun once again and started off with a wonderful set from the Jurassic Park movie climax of the raptor trying to gain access to the command center.

PS - I do believe that it is this sort of enthusiasm to build blocks that made the parental unit think I wanted to be an Engineer. I would like to state that this is far from the truth.

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