• Nikhilesh Murthy

Saturday night dinner from The Soul Company India

I really miss the joy of going out and trying out new dishes and cocktails at new places at the end of a long week at work. While restaurants in Bengaluru have opened, I’ll be honest … I still don’t feel confident enough to head out. But I’m more than glad to order food in.

I recently stumbled across the Saturday Night Special ‘Soul Food Menu’ put together by The Soul Company India. The menu brings together dishes from some of the well-known chefs in the city. We ordered in a few dishes to cover the food part of our humble ‘World Gin Day’ celebration. (PS – We had Bombay Sapphire with the regular tonic water from Svaami).

Our starters, or ‘Light Touchings’ as it’s called included The Chilli Pork by Priyanka Blah and Vegetarian Paddus by Bengaluru Oota Company. The chilli pork, while delightful, lacked the level of spice we were expecting with this style. The pork was wonderfully cooked, flavours were delightful, but it left us just slightly disappointed. The paddus were perfect. We only wished we were at a restaurant so that we could get an extra helping of the coconut chutney, and save some for breakfast the following day.

For the main course, we ordered the Chicken Pulav with Mange Pajji from the Restaurant Coorg and the Black Sesame Clam & Smoked Pork Pulao from Chef Gautam Krishnankutty. The chicken pulav had all the right flavors, except that the chicken was quite dry. We ensured we kept a bowl of water in the microwave before we heated the dish to ensure it doesn’t dry up, we were left yearning for more succulent morsels of chicken. The pajji was tasty and was literally licked clean.

The piece de resistance of the meal was the clam and pork rice. The overwhelming smoky flavor of the rice, with mild bitterness thanks to the black sesame, was perfectly balanced out with a punchy spicy tomato and dried prawn chutney. This dish was one for all the meat enthusiasts and held back no punches in terms of bold flavours.

The entire meal cost is INR 1806. We’re looking forward to making this a monthly affair to try out new dishes in the comfort of home.

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