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There and back again... a Panda's tale!

Dear Reader,

Excuse the lack of imagination on the title, which popped into my head during a marathon viewing of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy with the missus, who was seeing the trilogy for the first time. I gave up writing on my blog almost two years ago for various reasons. The biggest reason being that it was just no longer fun and was tantamount to yet another office task that needed to be dealt with swiftly. I began writing a blog way back in 2007 just to see what the fuss was all about. I graduated from writing about every single (sarcastic) thought in my head to writing about food in restaurants that I went to; and by 2012, that transitioned into me becoming a food blogger of sorts. I also began writing about the Indian indie music scene for a local newspaper as a guest writer. I was lucky to even be featured in and wrote for quite a few other publications and blogs, on and off.

It was quite the life. I was regularly hosted by restaurants to experience some of the finest food and drink, went travelling, staycations, and more. I was only expected to write about it on the blog (Yes... I bought a domain too) , and be largely positive in my review. The photography game also picked up and I went on to photograph so many wonderful Indian indie and international musicians. I was... for all practical purposes... an "influencer"! All was well. But too much of a good thing comes at a price. And the price I was paying was that I was falling out of love of writing and all the things I wrote about with each passing day. What was once a stress buster and a creative outlet... and even my identity... felt like a ball and chain! One day... that was that. I didn't want to write any more. I only wrote whatever was required from a day job perspective to pay the bills. So why have I chosen to start a new blog now? It's time to rekindle the happiness that telling stories and sharing experiences of good food, travel, craft beer, music and life in general, through my blog, brought me. I believe I've understood some of the mistakes I made in the past in terms of setting up boundaries for myself. Also, I've grown tired of unemotionally writing about technology for the day job. I'm supremely grateful to all the people who hosted me at their table, helped me become an influencer, gave me opportunities and experiences to write great stories. But, this blog will be a lot more personal and a channel for me to share stories and thought from a very blessed and privileged life I lead. I'm not interested in followers (bots and human alike), freebies or dispassionate posts ( riddled with poor grammar and lack of thought... or authenticity). Today, on my 36th birthday, I am going to start writing again. While the long form of writing ranks much lower than Instagram posts, stories and videos in the popularity poll, I'm writing (and sharing pictures) to bring me happiness, purpose and joy. And if it brings about positive emotions in you, dear reader, that's just the icing on the cake. Hello again and welcome back! Regards,

The Happy Panda

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