Excuse me "sir" !?!?!?!

Revenge…dish served lukewarm!

Finally growing up….making space.

Just got parented…

The 3 TV theory

Mujshe Fraaaandhsip Karoge????!

When was the last time?

Working for a Big4 firm...

A some-what indecent proposal

How was I to know?

Nikhilesh at ‘Splash’

It’s always best to encourage a good mood

Let sleeping dogs lie…aka…the ‘blue’ shirt syndrome

Nikhilesh Murthy sort of jams with Ehsaan Noorani & Jayanta Dasgupta.....

They did not teach 'that' at B-school....

And good things to all those who wait for it

Without the bare minimum score

With a little help from my friend

Wishes from the voices...

Even if it was for 5 minutes…

I know...some where I am evil.

To be a Marked Man...

The Bottom of the Geek Ladder