The year that was - 2008

Twas a restrained Christmas.

The bar for happiness has dropped.

The underlying reason....

Radio Ga-ga !

We moving again???

“It was a size ten!!!”

Having a Geeky Day – Crying over Smallville.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease....stop these messages !

The great f**king Indian Apathy Show.

My two cents : Farcry 2

Murphy’s Law – When you have a cold and sound terribly nasal, everyone will give you a phone call.

Sleep is the best medicine…

Random thoughts...

The Neighbor’s New Bike

Bye bye tresses.....(kind of inappropriate for a dude to have tresses)

Where is she?

And we shall hit snooze and go back to sleep….

Time for onion pakodas….

We still burn...and will continue to do so...

Getting focused.

Conspiracy Theory: Al-Quaeda behind recent financial crisis.

Random thoughts….

And the future looks like…..

Au Revoir Dada ….Au Revoir Kumble…. Good going MSD.

The Next US President

The importance of the second decimal place.

Love those Endorphins

It is 'losses' all over.....

Imagine knowing more than the average Joe…